Sunday, June 29, 2008

me, filmmaker

i just began to make what feel like solid plans to begin shooting footage of filmmaker/animator M Dot Strange in late August. at that time, he will begin shooting his new film (i'd tell you the title -- yes, i know it -- but i'm not sure if i'm supposed to keep it a secret or not).

for now, i'm planning the structure of my documentary, whose working title, i'm like . . . professional derives from a bit of writing/ranting M did at one of his earlier blogs. generally, he writes (and now, speaks professionally) about producing animated films in DIY/self-distribution mode.

i don't want to say too much, just to write something here as a way of creating a concrete (inasmuch as my blog entries hold any weight or seriousness) reality about the project. if i could find some %$%##@@ funding, that would help, too.

why the "headshot"? for me, it radiates quasi-validity, and that, for now, will do.

some of you may have read my earlier post of the same title. i had to take it down, hold it aside as more of a private series of associations (for readers, i imagined, it was just too precious. too much. sorry).

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