Tuesday, July 22, 2008

inspiration or plagiarism? (sigh)

see this nytimes slide show for comparions between contemporary ads and iconic art installations. the latter 2 are favorites of mine, including Spencer Tunick, and Fischli - Weiss. assuming you have never seen Fischli - Weiss' fabulous Der Lauf der Dinge or The Way Things Go, see the trailer, and then buy the dvd. it's worth it, in my humble art-appreciating opinion.

a tangent: it seems to me that the German title translates more accurately to "The Way Things Walk" or "The Walk of Things," and Free Translation Online has it as "He Run Him Bargains," (so i'm not sure i can trust them any longer). so but below is a clip, featuring at least some of the tire action many are associating with current Honda ads. notice the sound. d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s.

other associations: originally, i had wanted to use this Spencer Tunick image as the cover for the AMAZING! collection i did with Elizabeth Vander Lei. our series editor, Chuck Schuster ,was all over it. loved Tunick and what he did and believed that my conceptualization worked (a book exploring religious faith in composition classrooms and an image of nude human bodies, laying flat and forming a spiral toward the horizon of a Nevada desert. see? vulnerable?! searching! get it?! i joke, but i still think it's genius. w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r). as you might guess, we had to negotiate a different image. sigh. a forest. i mean, it's lovely, but ...

i even got a callback from Tunick after i'd left a message on his machine, requesting clearance. he very politely said that he didn't want to associate his work with a book on religion. sigh. "... but, it's not ... a book *about religion* exactly ...". too late.

so but anyhow here's Fischli - Weiss:

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