Tuesday, November 11, 2008

nostalgia ... passions ...

every now and then i'll get clear on the powerful relationships between past and present, memory and inclination. recently, i found myself inexplicably singing the tune to the "Lite Brite" commercial. sure, it falls into the category of Things I Cannot Love ... this, by virtue of having gone with the ostensibly "catchier" nontraditional spelling that wants to rise to the level of "skillful wordplay," a hideo-marketing technique that inspires all manner of personal affectation (eye tics, palpatations, yelling ...). but so i must have developed my contempt for such attempts at marketing wit post-Lite Brite because i did want me some. but for some reason, my parents wouldn't get it for me, even though "OH GOD how i want to make that sailboat!". once, though, i spent the night w/ Susan Council (the name now striking me as remarkably important and just right; although here, i could wish for the alterna-spelling -- "Counsel," as in "advise and ..."). and but so you know what she had. that's right. and it was Heaven. bliss. her image-form papers were worn, but we still made The Clown. The Sailboat (cue Heavenly Choir).

so but now that i'm a little filmmaker, i see the jingle as prescient and telling and wonderfully sophisticated (for kids in the '70's? "makin' things with light"??!). here:

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