hello ...

it's been a while. i've been busy. preparation for CCCC's was monstrous in the midst of my new 4 course lifestyle, other conference matters, family issues, life, and etc., etc. 

but so now i'm looking ahead to the summer months. i would love to make this the year of my Big Trip to France (ala my heartbreakingly gorgeous Margo Martindale in Alexander Payne's amazing "14√®me Arrondissement" in Paris J'Taime. what? you *still* haven't seen it? set that up. bring tissues), and i do not want to write "but that probably won't happen," so i'll just leave it at what i don't want to write. 

[deleted other stuff re: summer plans]. 

but so while i'm not focusing on the future, i'll be working the meditation and 12-step mantras and sutras and even some conventional prayers because my former Palmetto First Baptist Church dunking still resonates its hopeful affects.