workspace images

Would you be willing to send me images of your workspace? home, campus, wherever? i'd like to create a presentation involving these images, inspired by a recent FB comment via Trish Harris re: her office poster of Jim Jarmusch's film Coffee and Cigarettes. Trish's comment reanimated an interest i'd let fade and motivated me to think about the extent to which our workspaces (workspaces as images -- thinking w/ WJT Mitchell and Bruno Latour, to name a few) speak. There are many ways to imagine the value of this project, and i won't elaborate them all here (some are just now emerging), but i was most recently thinking that such a presentation might work in ways similar to the National Council of Writing Program Administrator's Network for Media Action, in the sense that we might "show" ourselves and our work via these images and what they are able to say. Other, less specific reasons emerge ...

Either way, if you are willing to share, please contact me at, and i will update here regarding the potential uses of the images (for conference presentations, for on or off-line journal publications, for local faculty workshops, etc.).

nb: the above is my sister's home office, in Chicago. my niece and i are watching Beck's "Hell Yes" video. and yes, i'm imitating the SONY robots, as one does when "working" with one's niece. and, okay -- i've shown you my double-chin, so come on!


chris said…
send me a reminder in a few days. i'll try to snap photos of where i work (at home, B&N, work).