Monday, May 25, 2009

refreshivising (10 things)

some of my speculation will seem self-defeating, but i assure you that i am in a very fine and decent mood, contemplating my reality as opposed to striving in ways that (often) disappoint and frustrate. even within my self-doubt*, however, i feel renewed in my efforts, however limited and/or limiting or otherwise less-than-ideally grandiose and appropriate to the academic's sense of largesse. aka, it's fine.

so then, the list:

1.) finish Kairos revision.
2.) advance house projects: master bath caulk project, new house #'s, organizing office, continue creating Mike's separate office out of what has become the "storage" (aka "dumping") room.
3.) pull weeds & general yard work.
4.) continue exercise plan. i have been p-r-i-t-t-y dedicated, i must say, and i'm very pleased with myself. no one reads blogs anymore, right? so, i can say things like this :)
5.) get back to reviews of literature for book project even as i feel somewhat defeated about print publishing and, as is often the case, more invested in delivery via live performance (fancy!), preparation for which gorges on my time.
6.) continue drafting introduction and early chapters of book project.
7.) maintain contemplative mood re: whether a book will be/is necessary, given my status at my institution and seeming inability to land a new job (i had considered placing some cursing symbols here, but i'm increasingly chill about it, despite collegial notes about "not giving up" ... life is short ...), even as i am hopeful about new publishing venues/opportunities appearing in my inbox like shiny magic :)
(i love and will complete my book. enough already!)
8.) continue filling in my film history by catching up on docs and indie classics.
9.) discover a new look for my insane and schizophrenic hair.
10.) redesign main web page and links.

* which is obviously a function of The Grand (Academic's) Success Narrative.


BenReynolds said...

If I had a list HALF this long, I would be in a padded cell without a belt & shoelaces.
Especially w/ no to do by dates.
Billions of admiration stars to you Ms. B.

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

ha! if it makes you feel better, i just ate a big hunk 'o chocolate and am settling in for a nap.

i tend to have internal clock-type "to do by" dates, and then i also use my google calendar to stay on target. but mostly, the internal clock, which is telling me that right now is a really good time to nap :)

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