how many blogs?

i realize that many of my colleagues create specific blogs for specific aims, but i am still reluctant to do so (thus, my massive subheader "thinking about representation," which in essence says, ... "i'm going to write about some stuff here"). my reluctance is related to my longstanding concern for "the personal" (even) in professional matters, and this is to say that i have spent a career trying to find ways of making my teaching and my scholarship matter in ways that feel important or cool or fun or interesting or not simply "work." the distinctions we make about our work and our life are useful, but i can't seem to solidify them without sensing that i am a fraud. i'm not saying that those who multi-blog are frauds; they are rhetorically savvy, to be sure. and but i don't know exactly why, given my understanding of the multibloggers' sophistication, i feel as though *i* am a fraud when i contemplate separating out my family photos from other thoughts about image, film, rhetoric, writing, teaching, and whatnot. i will keep working on thinking that through.

all of this is to say that i am still using my blog to think about a variety of concerns that interest, please, anger, and delight me. some are professional; some are personal. maybe some day this will change, but not today.


Colin Charlton said…
you're just plain damned interstitial; wouldn't have ya any other way. cheers...

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