Friday, September 25, 2009


Manohla Dargis on highlights from the 47th new york film festival.

i look forward to many films this year. and but i should hate to admit it, but Coco Before Chanel excites me because, well ... an "ambitious, difficult woman, taking note of the obstacles and opportunities offered by her time, place and circumstances"! (A.O. Scott)

dear facebook,

it's been fun. kind of. and then, it's also not been fun. see, you make me keenly aware of how unspectacular my life can be. i mean, truly, i'm delighted for everyone, so pleased to discover the exciting things my friends are doing. but. it's always sort of happening when i enter ... this unpleasant sensation ... vibing out in your world, a sense that i am whispering into a void my pathetic hopes for recognition ... not being asked to dance but just. sort of. standing there. and so but sure, these gestures are sometimes met by well-meaning friends. but also. these faint cries often vanish in whispy non-threads, ghosts of irrelevance.

i may be nearly done with you, facebook. you will thrive. you will not miss me. you will be fabulous. i will peek in from time to time, vewy qwiet.

stand up straight & let me get a look at you

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