dear facebook,

it's been fun. kind of. and then, it's also not been fun. see, you make me keenly aware of how unspectacular my life can be. i mean, truly, i'm delighted for everyone, so pleased to discover the exciting things my friends are doing. but. it's always sort of happening when i enter ... this unpleasant sensation ... vibing out in your world, a sense that i am whispering into a void my pathetic hopes for recognition ... not being asked to dance but just. sort of. standing there. and so but sure, these gestures are sometimes met by well-meaning friends. but also. these faint cries often vanish in whispy non-threads, ghosts of irrelevance.

i may be nearly done with you, facebook. you will thrive. you will not miss me. you will be fabulous. i will peek in from time to time, vewy qwiet.


say goodbye! fbook can suck it! being away from it has been the single greatest thing I did for my mental health this year.
hey errin,

i'm glad it's helped. i'm just backing away for now. we'll see ;)

(awesome profile pic!!)
Anonymous said…
Hi Bonnie.... been drinking wine tonight and thinking about my miserable experience in the USF english department... remember you as someone I related to/was intimated by... thought about "friending" you on facebook... read your blog instead and thought better of it. Glad to see you're doing well... and I agree with you about facebook:)Laura Fletcher
hi Laura! Nice to hear from you. and hey, i post to my blog "in the moment." i still use and enjoy facebook. i'm still insecure about it and troubled by some aspects, but on the whole, i get a lot our of being able to keep up w/ old friends.

so if you wanna friend me, i'd be honored :)