We Live in Public (dir, Ondi Timoner)

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bdegenaro said…
just saw "public" the other day, via netflix, and got sucked into both of Harris's worlds. well done doc, for sure. I suppose the Warhol comparisons are inevitable, but his work seems to have more ties to a particular historical moment than anything Warhol did (despite Warhol's committment to "the scene"). seems impossible to understand Harris, without considering y2k, late 90s cult obsession, and of course the specific place where the technologies were.

sorry to ramble...just wanted to say I liked the film.
i'm so glad you got to see it, Bill. when it screened at SFF last year, we were all blown away. also got to meet Harris, Jason Calcanis, and Onid (again; she was there 2 years prior w/ DIG!). Josh is *very* charismatic, and he has certainly been prescient regarding "what's to come." it's kind of tragic about his financial situation, but he's doing okay. also, recently learned that woman in WLIP project w/ him was a paid actress. i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g.
bdegenaro said…
not at all surprised to learn she was an actress.