Friday, April 20, 2007


the shine may be wearing off, after only one day. you write something, sort of hoping that no one reads it. then, no one reads it. you read it a few times, wonder if the aesthetic is working . . . but it's sort of lonely. so, the question: what's the point? i'm going to keep this blog up for a little bit and see if something interesting answers back. in the meantime, here is one thing my sister said that i thought was really funny in its simple truth: "the second bowl of cereal is almost always a bad idea." i love that. but, so, see, . . . who needs to hear that? . . . victor vitanza once told me that my use of my sister's funny language in a piece i was writing for pre/text "didn't sound like you" (me). funny. it wasn't me. but i stole it, and i loved it. kind of like plagiarizing a "great quote" i found for my comp paper (that's student X talking). you know you shouldn't do it . . . you should at least cite it, but you so want that to be your language that you just, kind of, take it.


chris said...

more people will read than will comment. many more. and even your regular visitors - those who visit on a daily basis - will only comment infrequently. so unless you get a sitemeter (a lil doohicky that keeps stats of the various visitors that visit your page, the referring URL or search words, how many pages they viewed, etc.), you'll be in the dark as to just how many people are stopping by.

blk said...

thanks, Chris. i'll just keep writing then :)

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