Friday, April 20, 2007


i am looking at my calendar. it features butterflies (aw). April's butterfly is the Valeria Boebera, and they are pretty much brown and white and lovely in a spare imagistic way. i just looked up "imagistic" to see if i am using it correctly. i didn't find it, so that means it's the appropriate academic thing to do, make up a more complicated version of the term. but what's awfully cool is that the nearby word "imago" lists a synonym, "imagines," which is apparently the "fully developed stage of an insect" (ta da!). that's lovely. so the Valeria, in the image on my calendar, is surrounded by these lovely French butterflies called Lysandra Coridon. i love that the Valeria (with its hypnotic and calming associations to valerian root) is cradled by French butterflies that appear in "soft focus" because of the muted nature of their coloring (camel at the edge of the wings and a soft aqua in several gradations toward the center). aqua like a Tiffany box, live the silver sage retro phone i'm going to buy at Restoration Hardware this weekend. almost easter-egg blue like my new discovery, G. Lalo stationary.

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