and the role is . . .

yes, i have an audition Monday for a role in a short. "middle-aged mom." every time. i mean, that can be a great role, . . . but . . .

oh, and there are no lines (not so fast, SAG wanabe . . . ).

whatever. i like to work. and i like to be on set.

wish me luck.


thanks :)

watched Match Point last night (Woody Allen). luck was the "truth" revealed, the theme . . . it's all dumb luck.

actually, they will know w/in 10 seconds of simply *seeing* me whether or not they are interested. it's all about the look. so i guess i need not sweat the performance (but still, i'll prepare).

thanks for writing :)
chris said…
i've been absent from the blogosphere for quite a while, so i wasn't able to wish you luck. crap. so here's a retrospective luck wishing: good luck!

okay. now, how'd it go?
well, i did not get the part, but i had a moment for believing that i did. mike told me yesterday, "bonnie, someone from The Neighbors (the film's title) is on the phone," and so as w/ the academic job market, a letter is rejection, a phone call is acceptance. so i was excited, picked up the phone, and the director was calling me to tell me that while they'd given the part to someone else, they'd appreciated my time. this *was* odd but lovely (it was also odd when they all shaked my hand when i entered the audition space; casting agents *NEVER* shake your hand). i told mike and he said, "amateurs," which was funny, but still it's nice to act human to the actors who audition for you, imho.

maybe next time :)