Wednesday, July 18, 2007


i don't want to say anything too groovy, but it seems that the universe (or immersing oneself in desirable webs of public discourse) delivers. today, i got a phone call from Stephen Goldsmith, one of 3 curators for The Temporary Museum of Permanent Change, an imaginative project that wants to sort of document the changing shape of Salt Lake City as it undergoes massive rennovation. it hopes to gesture toward this documentary space by inviting artist/participants to seek, discover, and/or create art from rubble and scenes of change (can you say, "Heaven?").

naturally, given my interest in a.) art, b.) change, and c.) museums, i was delighted by Stephen's call. it seems, he says, that there may be something for me to do in the way of manifesting the museum-as-presence. Stephen had spent some time at this webspace and imagined that i might do something at their webspace . . . web design (?), writing?, working with artists? . . . i'm not sure exactly sure, but it all sounds fine and good and i'm honored. we'll be meeting soon to discuss the details.


chris said...

that's pretty damn cool!!
this cat was researching folks to contribute and, unsolicited, contacted YOU! that's freakin awesome!

and to think that you made a comment such as this way back when... tsk, tsk, ms kyburz!
j/k :)

you'll keep us posted on what comes of the meeting, i hope..?

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

you've been so encouraging, Chris. thank you ;)

i'm very happy to be able to get involved w/ this project, yes. and i will *certainly* be posting about it.

like i said a while back, i hope it's cool ;)

chris said...

the blogosphere is nurturing like that.

i look forward to the updates.

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

i feel nurtured :)

thanks for writing.

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