Monday, December 31, 2007

year-in-review meme

. . . everyone's doing it, so i'm in (she says, recalling the '80s). i can't start in January 2007 because i've only had mylittlewebspace since April. i tend to write my way in to the complicated mess of it (it being the thing(s) i'm after), so first lines don't tell much, but so . . .

April: "i probably shouldn’t do this."

"this is me w/ my niece, fiona."

June: "i'm taking this out of "comments" and formalzing it."

July: "i've been wanting to make films that project some vibe, some desire, and i've wanted to do it with images and music and very few words."

August: "ingmar bergman, 89. michelangelo antonioni, 94"

September: "kafkaz responded to an earlier post about my Pavlovian-anticipated desire to own a particular lighter i'd seen in a film."

October: "i've been spending so much time making films that my reading has lapsed."

November: "i will write (maybe more seriously) again when i emerge from underneath this pile of papers and when i am not preoccupied with boots (current top contender, left)."

"okay, so only one person voted on my poll, and that's. okay."

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