Tuesday, January 1, 2008

special authors ("special"?)

this is revised. started as a post renouncing twitter, but i could not do it. so i'll keep the alternate trajectories . . .
read here, especially when i head out on a labyrinthine trail of anecdotes, memories, ephemera, etc., etc.

which. here goes . . .

i spoke last night at a party to a former graduate of UVU (my school is now a University. woo-hoo) about Freud and David Foster Wallace and Pynchon. he agreed: i need to create a special authors course in at least the latter two. maybe some Vonnegut to create a sense of emergence (?).

my first publication (you did not read it) was on Pynchon's Vineland. a second or third publication was on V. A Novel. i used to be active on the Pynchon listserv until i got called a "dumpster diver" and was pretty much for nothing vilified for suggesting that some of the stuff circulating about ebonics was close to hate speech. see, Pynchon gets away with it -- vibing out with a particular cultural reference in ways that surface a kind of slapstick critique. but so listies got offended because my comment not only cut closely to Pynchon's bone but also to their own (listies often engaging in imitative play). so yeah -- Pynchon and provocative/offensive (?) imitative dialectices gets away with it. merely referencing race, i. did not. guess i got a lesson in rhetorical awareness, but at the time it felt like a beating. like sh*t. i've been there more than once. i seem not to want to learn. so but i jumped off the P-list and left Pynchon behind (the latter move being more a function of graduate school and reading of necessity in other areas). never made it through Mason and Dixon (the dialect was killing me, and not in the good way). have not touched Against the Day (well, i think i read a few pages, but i didn't have it in me to invest).

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