resolutions . . .

. . . be damned. i still want this. i'm like a child. and i love pink. at 44! i never did care for it growing up (but this was likely my training; i think my parents didn't think it -- frilly, pink -- would play on me). so now i'm all juicy and pink and silliness.

you will be comforted (maybe) to know that i declare my desire for an expensive, vanity-nurturing cigarette lighter as i prepare for my workout . . . for what "balance" is worth . . .

and then, i honestly want the lighter. it's beautiful. i may not actually use it to light cigarettes. maybe just candles (but argggghhh! Restoration Hardware has discontinued its sage green verbena candle! the horror! it's like when Trish McEvoy discontinued fragance #7, Basil Tonic!!! whhyyyyy?!).

so but the lighter. we'll see. (i smoke 10-20 times/year. i could do better, could do worse).

so wery silly!


Mark said…
You are so William Gibson in drag! :)
ha! that's hysterical. i really love that description :)