Sunday, April 13, 2008

opening shots

talk of The Opening Shots Project has prompted me to visit and search the site on the occasion of re-watching (last night) TCM's screening of Lolita. so far, nothing there on Humbert Humbert's effeminately long, delicate fingers lovingly polishing the toes of a young Lolita.

but there's YouTube. there, i found the opening credit sequence i was after. serious opening shot ennui, all the longing and sadness "Hum" experiences within the intimate frame of the ordinary (albeit highly sexualized) gesture . . . the soft, gentle push of tiny cotton puffs between the tender toes . . . the precision of the strokes . . . masterful.

i suppose it's not exactly the "opening shot" in a classical sense, as this scene accompanies the opening credits. still . . .

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