Sunday, April 13, 2008

a "lower case" problem

in response to an earlier post, anonymous writes,

"Why don't you use capital letters at the beginning of sentences?It is very unpleasant to read."

dear anonymous,

we have choices in life, and hey, you need not read my writing if it is unpleasant for you (aren't choices great?). i've included your note because i find it both funny and somewhat worth considering. oh, and notice that as i've quoted you, i've included capital lettering in order to represent you correctly. i've also included the lack of spacing between the question mark and the "It," as a way of representing you correctly. notice also that i've included your use of the passive voice, because i want to honor your choice, which is likely driven by a desire to directly express your displeasure from beneath the veil of anonymity, where you comfortably decline to include the obvious subject, "I".

i include all of these things in my representation because i respect you like that. i respect your ability to choose.

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