Saturday, May 17, 2008

another reason to love sean penn

at the opening ceremony at Cannes, Penn did not so much appeal to the genius of those who would ultimately win prizes (as in a sort of valedictorian's HS speech, sending off the young "geniuses"). instead, he appealed to the distributors of the films that will not win prizes, arguing that by virtue of having been selected to screen at Cannes, the "losers" are deserving of the distributors' passion and care for the works. Penn urged distributors to leave the festival with the same excitement they brought to it. nice.

looking quite well (did he have work done?), speaking smartly and with ease, Penn also remains an unapologetic smoker, which seems oddly brave in today's media landscape (stilll, he's in France, so maybe "brave" is a reach. ha).

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