happy birthday to me . . .

i tried to love mountain biking. had a diamondback but rarely rode it because i hated hunching over and cramping up my legs like a circus monkey. sold it on craig's list. now, *this* is my new bike, and i *love* it! when they say "cruising," they mean "cruising," with this bike. comfy? absolutely. you can sit up, even back! i couldn't wait until 5/27 (oh, is that me, obliquely dropping my birthday date?).

giant brand, "suede" model in baby blue.


jenny said…
i LOVE riding bikes. enjoy. it's so much better than running, weights, swimming, etc.
yep. riding is simple pleasure; i hardly think of it in terms of exercise. running kicks my butt pretty quickly, but i'm not a big fan (how's your running program going, Jenny?). instead, i walk fast on the treadmill. and now, it's time to hike (very beautiful in Utah right now). as for swimming, in my book, nothing beats swimming. but, sadly, the public pool in Provo is horrific -- old, usually kinda dirty. so, in Utah, my swimming (my great pleasure) has come to a hault (some day, in my dream home, in my dream life, i will swim every day in my indoor pool). in Phoenix, we had a 4bd house w/ a pool (under $100k!!); i do miss that (but not the hellish summers!).

thanks for writing :)