Wednesday, June 11, 2008

happy birthday to me (part II)

i used to feel weird about the departmental birthday cards i got. they were signed by the Chair and maybe the Assistant Chair, and if a work study student was around at the time of the signing, maybe they threw in a signature or pithy "good wish." why weird? well, it always seemed sort of like an obligatory practice, not terrifically caring or thoughtful or sincere. but. i expected it. and it was something, i guess.

so you can see where this is going . . . today, i came in to the office for the first time in weeks. i thought i'd see a few exam copies, maybe a student note -- asking when a portfolio might be picked up or a grade changed, and i certainly expected to see my birthday card.

so but surely, by now, you've guessed: i got nothing. i suppose that's the Universe telling me to stop distancing myself from social rituals, however embarrassing or weird or insincere they may be. whatever it is, i do not like it, but then, i suppose that the Universe is at least being straight with me. and that can't be all bad.

but oh wait! i did get 2 gift cards from our local Pearson rep (thanks, Ryan. i LOVE Cafe Rio! and i have never tried Jamba Juice, so now's my chance. thanks!).


bdegenaro said...

happy b-day. BTW, you've got a lovely state. I'm on location in Snowbird appreciating the views, the snow, and the respite from 90 degrees and humid midwest weather.

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

it's really beautiful here, no doubt. i'm glad you're getting to hang out @ Snowbird. get a massage; the "waiting area" is like sitting in the fine deck chairs of a luxury cruise ship all the while staring at the mountains. good massages too!

enjoy :)

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