Wednesday, June 18, 2008

late bloomers, unite

our creakity old p.c. had to be hauled off for repairs. i could not figure out how to use the comcast cable with my macbook pro (i know. take a minute . . . breathe). yep, the hot mess of *getting* connected was confounding me something fierce (why i am channeling Christian Siriano i am not entirely sure). 

anyhow, i finally figured it out and feel like a jah-EEEnius! sad, but true. and so now i'm thinking, "jeez, there is a LOT of desk room w/out that computer . . . and i could pitch this cranky, planet-sized monitor . . . and then, and then . . ." (fill in the blanks: i'd lose that 20 pounds . . . finish that book . . . land that role . . . ).

really, isn't that the thing? to have what David Lynch calls "a set-up," a place that is yours, where you go to dream, work, think, write, create? that, and lose that 20 pounds? (actually, in your set-up, you are perfect, just as you are. maybe that's its special magic).

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