what happens between "hidden" and "plain english"?

nothing here on the performance aspects of twitter. the video elides the possibility of fantasy, humor, the real agent-enacted hopes of/for career/dating/etc. forms of networking. so it essentially presumes that tweets tell what people are actually doing rather than what they wish to articulate as the nature of their activities/lives/selves. perhaps a response video is in order? still, for the basics ...


joanna said…
Good point. I think the benefit is that it explains to the average joe or joanna what these different "online thingies" are. I can see using them with Basic and FYE students to introduce the idea, and then follow up on thinking and exploring what the program can do.
oh absolutely, Joanna. i just felt that it was a pretty sizable omission. also thinking about how "droll" it can be to think that anyone cares if i'm drinking coffee or not and to instead play around w/ the nature of the status update. i do, however, like how the notion of "interest" is framed ... the value of the mundane.

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