Saturday, July 25, 2009

dear blog,

i've missed you. and i'm sorry. yes, facebook and twitter have stolen some of your shine, but i promise to return to you soon. after all, i need you to help me refocus on projects that benefit from more reflection than sound bites can help to generate and sustain (although it's true, yes, i've always enjoyed a short story or an abstract painting more than the weighty tome or intricate realist portraiture).

say, i may be writing here soon about the new film i'm trying to get moving. i think Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher have stolen my idea** with his The Social Network, a fat, bulging extension of my short film, Status Update *(currently attempting to enter into production).

* earlier posts about my film are found here and here.

nb, the film originally wanted to work specifically for academic audiences, but now it considers status updates as everyday communication/performance/desire more generally. so, the limitations of "my film for C's" and the specificity of the film's conceptual frame no longer (wholly) apply. if you are interested, simply create a video tweet and send it to me at

** by "stolen," i mean to say "wow! look at how my work resonates with the smartypants work of these Seriously Cool Filmmakers! ... see that?!" so see, it's simply a matter of "shared genius." -- your humble "friend," blk.

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