so this is great ...

many of you saw that yesterday i was busy posting pics and raving about my new office workspace. and it IS great. but, i have to be honest and am not yet sure how i will deal with this, but ... the floor tilts a bit, and there is a nearly imperceptible (not for me!) pull to the right. and you see, the chair IS on casters, so it does want to roll, justaweelittlebit. and if i really look closely, i can see when i'm working on the macbook pro that the line skews down and to the right.

oh, who am i kidding? i am probably going to feel OCD'd into moving the whole operation to the center of the room, the "nadir" of the room, if you will (the center!! so unhip, design-wise). for now, i will fight, living slightly off-kilter (which is not unfamiliar to me). stay tuned for updates on this important matter (i'd smiley you, but this is serious, people).
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emily said…
emily said…

(what about the trampoline, then?)
ah, Sam, it has moved back to the workout room, which is very close, i assure you :)

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