Friday, July 29, 2011

improv & not thinking (too much)

i've been doing some work in preparation for an upcoming conference workshop. In it, we plan to generate a short film, after each of us as panelists has contributed something to the processes of production. For my part, i plan to share some improv exercises. i hope to extend the panel work so that it may become both an article and a chapter in my "book," so i was delighted to read Danah Boyd's recent post on how we overthink things perhaps in ways that are, simply, wrong (my word, not hers) or at least in ways that foreclose creative and generative potential.

i want to come back to Boyd's thoughts, add more on improv, and get writing. For now, i've got "campus issues" to attempt to resolve (trying to avoid overthinking them!!) and a class to teach. while you wait (surely, you wait!) for more, if you have some thoughts, references, or comments on the general direction of these thoughts, please post or write to me at

note: this is my niece, Fiona, on "backwards day," which seemed, to me, vaguely appropriate and cheerful, a mood i am dearly attempting to hang on to as i deal with said "campus issues" (see above).

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